No.Zero Apartment

Lead Architect: Seyyed Hassan Alavizadeh, Simin Farhangi

Design Team: Majid Pourmirali, Mohammad Reza Abiri, Samine Javadi, Zahra Akbari, Amir Hossein Roustaei, Ahmad Parsa

Mechanical: Ali Khoshnevis

Electrical: Ghasem Solgi

Construction: Ali Bahramirad

Photographer: Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

Client: Mr.Khani

Project Location: Tehran, Iran

Status: Built

Year: 2019

Building Specifications:

Underground Floor: Parking     Ground Floor: Lobby and parking     Roof: Roof Garden

Facilities: Air conditioning with duct split system and heating through the central engine with condensing boiler

Area: 2100 m2 with 240 m2 roof garden

Land Area: 450 m2

The current and previous use of the building: the construction was started to establish a residential building.

Interventions: Destruction of existing walls, patio walls shifting, correction of stair stringer and destruction of Soffit in northern elevation.

Building Condition before Reconstruction:

The building was in the process of framework that was assigned to our design team.

Structure and Primary installations:

Our team started working on the walls in accordance with the previous design which hadn’t the demand adaptation to the client offers.

No.Zero Apartment Exterior
No.Zero Apartment Exterior

Design idea:

The design ideas were formed considering urban and on the otherwise Interior architecture scales and project implementation details.

We had an unknown land between known neighborhoods which this apartment was constructed in, so it was named to number Zero apartment-to emphasis on unknown number-.

We followed the “triangle” as a simple geometric form according to catch the minimalism parameters and the zero concept in the design process. So, a simplicity in meaning and form, come up to name the project “No. Zero Apartment”.

The existence of bulky columns in the middle of the building, made us redesign the interior space with short specific walls, creating an integrated composition with existing structural elements, and cause functions such as entrance and a separator wall between hall and the kitchen. Special attention to solve these kind of problems, caused a wall formation with a gallery function for green display in the ground floor parking, as well as providing special and hidden mechanical facility spaces that covered by copper partition in the lobby entrance of the ground floor.

The necessity of consideration in solving the problems of the current situation, including the staircase, created triangular forms with respect to the meaning of semantic relation of the zero and triangle form.

Besides providing the maximum use of light and visibility that has made a completely modern and minimal design, sleek and radiant panels of copper show the life of building by transformation of copper color.

The use of white color in the outer shells and its accompaniment with black color, in certain parts of the interior, especially the lobby, parking, staircase, courtyard ramps and even certain parts of the roof garden is an attempt to define the building as an individual unit.

In the first to fourth floors, association of kitchen, living room and hall as a general area, and the long corridor to the bedrooms with special functions such as laundry, restroom, sauna and bar at the beginning of the corridor, pantry and the bathroom at the end of it, created a private area for bedrooms.

In the formation of residential interiors, attempts to define various functions such as studying room, children’s rooms next to the parents’ bedroom, provide maximum free space by defining the minimal gardens in the courtyard and finally creating a roof garden according the client’s demands.

Innovations and benefits of the project:

Creating a geometric, modern and modular elevations: By the white Herat Crystal stone -as a tomb stone in general using- dimensions of 150*60 along with copper panels coating -which are at the beginning of the oxidation process-.