Tejarat Bank Central Branch Lobby

Lead Architect: Seyyed Hassan Alavizadeh, Simin Farhangi

Design Team: Majid Pourmirali, Mohammad Reza Abiri, Samine Javadi, Zahra Akbari

Client: Tejarat Bank

Project Location: Tehran, Iran

Status: Built

Year: 2015

Area: 250 m2

The lobby of the Central building of Tejarat Bank was designed through allocation of part of existing official spaces, landing place and the pilot space of the former bank. Two separate entrances are defined both exclusively and publicly on the two fronts of Grade 1 and Grade 3 in order to separate the circulation within the design area as well as the benefit of the pre-embedded vertical shafts in the building.

The cross-sectional and space roof design by applying diamond-shaped forms, has an abstract light halo of existing motifs. Preserving the physical values of the building, such as the glass shell, auto bank facilities and the link of design area with other functions of the same floor and peripheral classes are the main focus of this project.

The hierarchy of access to the spaces of this project is particularly important and it is defined by the allocation of acceptance counters, protection and guidance, individually and in coordination with traffic paths and the accesses which need to be controlled.

Tejarat Bank Central Branch Lobby
Tejarat Bank Central Branch Lobby