Arak Saderat Bank

Lead Architect: Seyyed Hassan Alavizadeh, Simin Farhangi

Design Team: Majid Pourmirali, Mohammad Reza Abiri , Zahra Akbari

Client: Markazi Province Saderat Bank

Project Location: Tehran, Iran

Status: Designed

Year: 2016

To complete the existing volume, the projects of the facade were defined. The process of organizing an external facade was initiated, with emphasis on the lack of manipulation in its internal function in the shortest executive time, with the aim of the highest utilization of light and shade quality and the least use of rigid materials.

The importance of the building volume and the value of the initial architecture plan, caused a consonant design with the existing field of qualitative and quantitative perspectives. So, in order to complete the character with modular layouts and playing light and shade in three appropriate scales for its inhabitants, it was defined as an urban building. At the end, the stairs and ramp were designed to access management, the central department and the office tower interacting with the front spacing and motor pathways.

Arak Saderat Bank
Arak Saderat Bank