Arche Commercial Complex

Lead Architect: Seyyed Hassan Alavizadeh, Simin Farhangi

Design Team: Majid Pourmirali, Samine Javadi, Zahra Akbari, Amir Hossein Roustaei

Client: Arche Holding Co.

Project Location: Tehran, Iran

Status: Designed

Year: 2017

Area: 1500 m2

According to client’s demands, the entry of the commercial complex has designed with Iranian concepts and appearances to make the walls, joints and vertical access meaningful.

In order to construct a space with the characteristics of Iranian modernism and the lack of use of motifs and stereotypes patterns, green space stains have been utilized.

Suitable layouts in the main façade and the interior walls in order to preserve private and public spheres of the unit, providing a coordinated definition from inside to the outside of the building, utilizing canvas materials and special attention to the scale of the building with urban design measures, architecture design, interior design and space decoration with the value of Iranian specific and local details, have been the designer’s proposals.

Arche Commercial Complex
Arche Commercial Complex