World Heritage Registration: Trans-Iranian Railway

Team Leader: Seyyed Hassan Alavizadeh, Simin Farhangi

Team: Majid Pourmirali, Ali Bahramirad , Samine Javadi, Zahra Akbari, Hossein Nagahi, Amir Hossein Roustaei, Niloofar Shamsi

Client: The Railways of the Islamic republic of IRAN

Location: Iran

Year: 1397

Distance: 1394 Km

The construction of Trans-Iranian railway, which starts from Bandar-e Torkaman in the north and leads to Bandar-e Imam in the south, was approved in 1926 and after that, it was carried out by Iranian, German and American engineers. This project is important in the world, not only in terms of techniques and quality, but also tourism and the natural attractions; therefore, it is considerable on the list of worldwide registration. Since now, there has been four railway registered in the world that Iranian Railway can stay with them in the terms of scale and some other standards like aesthetic and sight.

World Heritage Registration: Trans-Iranian Railway
World Heritage Registration: Trans-Iranian Railway

In 2018, Taera Construction and Design Studio has been as the consultant in the world heritage Registration of the international project of trans-Iranian Railway and associated the worldwide Registration Organization in the aim of providing the maps of the route.
At first, the railway route from north to south had been divided into eight different zones with common climatic properties in every zone that was different from the others. Therefore, the intended route with the length of 1394 km and including 89 particular stations from the view of historical and functional value importance, was studied and documented.
This Railway is started in its northern point in Bandar-e Torkaman and will be ending in its southern point in Bandar-e Imam Khomeini, and in the middle of the way, it will pass the important stations like Qaemshahr, Gaduk, Garmsar, Tehran, Arak, Dorud, Shahbazan and Andimeshk